Incubator (StartUp) Benefits

6 Months Free Analytics as a Service

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Define and collect data on every touchpoint of your customer’s product journey from any device or platform. Store your event-based data securely in Keen to gain valuable insights on product usage and performance.

With Keen’s developer-friendly APIs and user-friendly interfaces, it’s easy to collect, explore, and visualize data anywhere. Apps and websites, customer-facing dashboards, IoT devices, you name it.


6 months free on the Startup plan.

Important Notes:

  • If you are an enrolled ITC member or are part of the Council’s business incubator then you may contact us to access this benefits package.
  • Some benefits may not be valid for all International Trade Council incubated startups and may depend on your business type.
  • Some benefits are valid only based on your country of formation, company size, age of your company, number of employees, revenue and/or profitability.
  • Remember to use your COMPANY address when applying for a benefit – not your residential address.